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The Best-of-the-Best Program

The Best-of-the-Best Program was created exclusively for our global network of Premier Partners to recognize their most innovative, results-generating applications being produced with Xerox digital production technology. 


Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 Xerox Best-of-the-Best Contest. Competition was fierce, with an incredible number of graphic communications entries submitted by the Xerox Premier Partners Global Network.


A panel of judges were impressed by the innovation and results-generating applications that truly showcased the capabilities and potential of Xerox digital printing equipment. All winners were selected based on business results, image quality, and use of Xerox technology. We invite you to take a closer look and experience innovation in action.


Best Overall Solution

Best Overall Solution

CDS Global– Custom Workflow Solution

CDS Global wasn’t satisfied with a single, highly personalized application. So the company created their very own custom workflow that allows them to produce an array of high-volume, intricately personalized applications, including their internal Personalized Total Compensation Statement, the Securian Retirement Plan Enrollment Guide and several other customized customer jobs.










Digital Trailblazer

Best Overall Solution

K-Print– Synchroskin

Always looking for new ways to differentiate their business from the competition, Japan-based K-Print developed a new application called Synchroskin that truly helped them stand out from the crowd. Their personalized stickers not only allowed their customers to quickly and easily customize their smartphones and LCDs, but also acted as a potent self-promotion tool.












Best Overall Solution

Jubels b.v.– Photography and Design Cahier Book

To raise awareness for the high quality offerings of digital print, Jubels created a self-promotional book that featured printed artwork, showing their rand of print offerings. After presenting the book to photographers, designers and artists, the company demonstrated that digital print was just as good as offset.


Pazazz– Canderel Corporate Brochure

With only five days to create 200 copies of a 75-page booklet, Pazazz used the Xerox® iGen4® Press to create an offset look in a short time period. Proving their dedication to client satisfaction, the outcome was a happy client who couldn’t believe the results.


PrintagraphThe 2012 Stena Sphere Forum “Offshore Experience” Book

One of Printagraph’s key clients, Stena Drilling, approached them for printing and event support for the 2012 Stena Sphere Forum. The annual exhibition brings together board members and senior executives from Sweden’s largest companies, Stena AB. It was the first time Stena Drilling would host the event. And they wanted it to be impressive.


























Best Overall Solution

Kwik Kopy Fitzroy– Deans Art Catalogue

In an effort to have a less expensive, more flexible print process, Kwik Kopy Fitzroy migrated from offset to digital printing for Deans Art’s supply book. In the transition, it was important to maintain color quality and consistency while keeping the print production local. 


La Imprenta Ya®– Prestigious Argentinian Apparel Brand Catalogue

La Imprenta Ya takes pride in providing their clients with the technology and expertise to deliver quality printing results in every job. That’s why they welcomed the opportunity to put their capabilities to the test by successfully producing an exquisite full-color catalogue for a high-end fashion company.


RICG– Nickelodeon Suites Resort Mailer

RICG used their data-analyzing capabilities to find out exactly what Nickelodeon Suites Resort needed in order to reach their audience. After identifying five core factors, 32 versions of the extremely personalized direct mail piece resulted in increased reservations and a happy client. 
























Digital and Offset

Best Overall Solution

Pazazz– Pazazz Connect Magazine

Pazazz is more than just a printing company, and they wanted to let people know it. In an effort to build brand awareness, Pazazz created and printed Connect Magazine as a promotional tool. Not only did they make themselves more known in the printing space, but also in the communications industry. 


Pondres– Grote Clubactie Lottery Tickets

In an effort to increase funding for the associations Grote Clubactie supports, a lottery ticket program was developed for association members to sell. Printing the tickets using inkjet technology and making them personalized led to a 20 percent increase in ticket sales and increased sponsorship.


Shirahashi Co., Ltd.– UCHIWA-Mail Fan

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the employees of Shirahashi Co., Ltd. wanted to show their dedication to energy conservation and the people of Japan. After creating a direct mail piece that people could use as a fan and businesses were able to advertise on, they expanded their sales territory and new business. 
























Digital Packaging

Best Overall Solution

APIX Co., Ltd.– “Sense 121” Personalized Bottle Label

With the desire to show their capability in printing variable data, APIX Co., Ltd., created a customized wine bottle label. Along with direct positive feedback on their website, 25.7 percent of first-time buyers bought another bottle and APIX’s new business expanded. 


De Budelse b.v.– Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging

De Budelse had many different strategies to grow their business, but in 2008 they put their focus on digital packaging, developing templates for customizable boxes and an easy web submission process to produce short runs on their Xerox® iGen4® Press.


Hwa Jet Printing Co., Ltd.– Personalized Clogs

With Taiwan facing a decline in market demand for clogs, the Baimi Wooden Clogs Museum needed a way to produce clogs that were both decorative and wearable. Hwa Jet created personalized clogs, using digital printing technology to quickly produce custom, durable shoes. 
























Direct Marketing

Best Overall Solution

CopyCat– CopyCat Cross-Media Campaign

CopyCat not only has a talent in print, but in web and design, too. To demonstrate these capabilities to new and existing customers, they produced, start to finish, a personalized brochure and unique box of chocolates. This did the trick and grew revenue in all departments. 


GHC Media–1:1 Clinique Loyalty Campaign

Through a strong relationship with Xerox, GHC Media was able to generate a 47 percent response rate in their direct marketing campaign for Clinique. Top customers were rewarded with a personalized calendar that they could redeem at a Clinique location, making products available for purchase at point of collection.


Pondres– PACCAR Market to the MAX Loyalty Program

In order to encourage the use of PACCAR parts in DAF trucks, a loyalty program was created to connect truck dealers to end-users. Pondres’s email and direct marketing campaign increases PACCAR part sales and created a positive brand image for DAF trucks. 



























Photo Publishing

Best Overall Solution

Access Co., Ltd.– Rin's Happy Days

Access Co., Ltd. had been producing photo books since 2008 as part of their diversified print-on-demand business. It wasn’t until they received a special customer request that the company realized they had to differentiate their offering from somebody else’s. 


Copy General–Dorado Beach Resort Book

Fast turnarounds is Copy General's business and they have the systems, methodologies and equipment to get jobs in and out quickly. That’s exactly what they needed when it came to printing the Dorado Beach Resort photo book.


De Budelse b.v.– The Himalaya—Photographic Coffee-table Book

A photographer’s mission to show the Western world the poor yet spiritual and happy Himalayan culture and raise money for education in that area centered on production of a high-quality photo book. De Budelse had a solution the photographer had not even dreamed of. 
























Best Overall Solution

CDS Global– Retirement Plan Enrollment Guide

Securian Financial Group wanted to streamline the way they enrolled new clients. Using a powerful combination of variable data printing and digital production workflow solutions, CDS Global answered the call with a highly personalized enrollment guide that seamlessly integrated more than 1,000 data points. 



Case Study Coming soon!


Latcham Direct– Time Magazine Europe Cross-Media Subscription Campaign

Latcham Direct strives to help clients solve their communication challenges by understanding the benefit of utilizing various channels in their campaigns. They proved to be the perfect partner for Time Magazine Europe in using multiple channels to simplify their subscription process and boost sales.